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User-specific FAQs

What is d&b SustainSymphony and how can it benefit event organizers?

d&b sustain-symphony is a cloud-service platform providing event organizers and sustainability managers with an easy-to-use, but structured, approach to start implementing sustainability processes at events and help to define sustainability strategies for events. Beginners will be guided through check boxes and KPI recommendations, to identify best practices. Sustainability managers will find a structured process for collecting sustainability data and creating appropriate sustainability reports to verify their sustainability goals. The data collection process is based on ISO sustainability management standards and supports the plan-do-check-act process for events.
Venues can add their available annual sustainability data to the platform. Based on this data, the platform can quickly calculate event-related emissions for a single event, helping to reduce the complexity and workload of data collection..
Suppliers can add their sustainable services and products to the platform, including their sustainability KPIs and certificates, , to help event planners select emissions-reducing products and services for their green event.
A straightforward and easy-to-use performance rating mechanism helps beginners and professionals to quickly identify their own best practices.

Is d&b SustainSymphony really free of charge?

The standard version of d&b sustain-symphony service is free to use. All you need is internet access to create a user profile and start working. When creating a user profile, you can choose whether you are an event organizer, a venue location, or a provider of green services and products. Your user account will have the the corresponding data structure based on the user profile you choose.

How accurate is d&b SustainSymphony?

The platform's GHG emission calculation based on the comprehensive Greenhouse Gas Protocol, facilitating Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions reporting. It incorporates sustainability event management processes in line with the ISO 20121:2024 management standard. The tool initially provides support for fundamental KPIs, with the intention to expand the scope of data and reported KPIs in response to evolving market demands and sustainability trends.

Can d&b SustainSymphony be integrated with other event planning tools?

The platform allows users to export their collected data and generate event sustainability reports, increasing transparency and accountability. Looking ahead, potential developments include the introduction of AI support and API interfaces to streamline processes, facilitate data analysis, and promote more sustainable practices through advanced technology integration and automation.

What is the privacy policy of d&b SustainSymphony?

The platform is GDPR compliant and emphasizes sustainability, using green servers in the European Union. It uses anonymized data to generate regional statistics, enhancing privacy. The registration process includes mandatory acceptance of the End User License Agreement, ensuring users are informed of and agree to data management policies.

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